Strength & Conditioning
Juniors (8 YO 12 YO)

Strength and conditioning programs focus on developing fundamental movement skills, coordination, and body awareness, integrating agility drills suitable for their developmental stage while emphasizing proper form and technique to prevent injuries.

Strength & Conditioning
Youths (13 YO - 16 YO)

Youth athletes engage in more structured strength and conditioning routines, incorporating progressive overload principles to enhance muscular strength, power and agility, tailored to their individual growth and maturation levels to optimize athletic performance and reduce injury risk.

Strength & Conditioning
Adults (17 YO Above)

Athletes undergo comprehensive strength and conditioning programs that prioritize functional movements, agility drills, plyometric exercises and strength training, aiming to improve overall athleticism, agility, and performance while addressing specific needs and goals based on their sport and fitness level.

Sports Recovery

The combination of deep tissue massage as well as assisted stretching that target muscles affecting the movement of joints. Our massage services commonly prepare situations for:
1. Pre/Post-race and event
2. Reducing muscle tension
3. Facilitating and optimizing recovery


Aims to address any movement pain that an athlete is suffering through. Functional training techniques will be applied with carefully selected repetitions and load. Movement mechanics will be enhanced by developing efficient movement patterns whilst addressing any postural deficiencies that an athlete may have.


ProED curates educational programs for coaches, academies, schools as well as corporations. Topics such as Movement Pain, Periodization and Planning, and Functional Strength Training have all been meticulously planned and presented for our clients.

Join the ProCoach program!

We invite you to participate in our group trial assessment, held every first Saturday of the month from 2pm to 4pm.

Aspiring students will undergo a comprehensive Strength and Conditioning (S&C) assessment, evaluating both intrinsic and extrinsic qualities. This assessment covers aspects such as pressure handling, attention to detail, coordination, physical capabilities, and muscle imbalances.

The assessment includes:
1. Speed and coordination test
2. Agility test
3. Core and Strategic thinking test
4. Balance test
5. Overhead Squat test

Ordinarily priced at $120 per person, the group assessment is now available at just $45 per person.

Age criteria: 8 and above. The assessment accommodates various age groups, each with a tailored scoring system.

Successful completion of the assessment is a prerequisite for enrollment in the program. Final admission decisions will be made by our experienced coaches, with results communicated within a few days.

Join the Program (Assessment)

We accept competitive athletes only.  All prospective athletes must participate in our onboarding assessment before joining ProCoach.  This takes place with one of our coaches and will typically last for about 1 hour.  The purpose of this process is to determine the agility and hand eye coordination level of each athlete while also evaluating their competitive demeanor.  Coaches will put athletes through some balance assessments followed up by some basic strength tests.  Each athlete must pass the assessment and demonstrate a self-driven interest in joining the program.  No exceptions.